The Peso Model: Leveraging Your Story

The PESO Model has been around for years and heavily implemented amongst organizations, brands and communication plans. The way we communicate is constantly evolving and there are so many tools organizations can utilize. But let's start with the PESO model and how you can implement communication strategies to make it work for you. 

 The PESO model consists of all 4 media types  - 

Paid Media

Paid Media is any media form you actually have to pay for to push your communication program to larger audiences such as, social media advertising, email marketing, and sponsored content. 

 Earned Media

Earned Media is how publicists continue to keep their jobs and clients happy. It's the relationships we continue to build with broader media outlets (media relations) and curating creative strategies to get client coverage. This can include securing TV appearances for your client,  events,  product placement, or getting newspapers or trade publications to write an article. 

Shared Media

Shared Media is done through social networking.  It's the result of a brand and customers interacting and mutually creating content.  By now every social media channel should be on a client's and organizations' radar to strategize the use of each channel. 

Owned Media

Owned Media starts with you. The Owner. Your Website. Your Blog. It's the content you curate to keep your audience coming back for more. 

The use of the PESO model helps writers create content that builds and shares a brands message. Earned media was the first element we used to reach out to local press and publications in our target market to bring a  brands message to life.  In 2000, social media was still growing and we weren't using the platforms as a place for shared and owned media just yet, so we relied heavily on our media relationships just like we do today. The PESO model has since evolved and continues to be used amongst brands and organizations today. 

Ready to start developing your own PESO model for your brand or company?