How To Make Your Content Stand Out On Social Media


Social media has become over saturated with information as it continues to grow beyond the personal use of individuals and into sponsored content and online ads.

The days of competitive pricing to place an ad has decreased thanks to social media, as it provides an affordable option for advertisers. Social media provides everyone with the resources to create an ad and boost a post. It has become easier for marketers to reach their target audiences and customize their spending amounts based on their budgets. The readily available access to promote a product can certainly result in revenue growth. The downside to this accessibility is making your content stand out above the rest. Making sure your content is relevant and consistent is one way to stand out, but it’s also about your word choice. The right words and phrases have the power to persuade and engage your audiences.

Persuasive content should include words that will create visuals for the reader. This will affect the way your audience receives your message. Are your words passive, direct, or personal? A relevant message includes a call-to-action and determines what your audience should do. Do you want your audience to be informed? Or, do you want your audience to buy a product? Your word choice should lead your audience to feel a certain way that will encourage them to act.

A well thought out message can go a long way. Consider your phrases in addition to your word choice. You want to be sure your phrases aren't abrasive but inviting and conversational. Keep in mind an individual is exposed to an average of 5,000 ads a day. 

Persuasive content vs. Flat content 

“Parents, you’ll enjoy sharing these 5 interactive study tips with your children before their first day back to school! …” [Persuasive]

“Parents, introduce these 5 helpful study tips to your children before school is back in session! …” [Flat]

**The persuasive content insists you will enjoy the study tips and that they are interactive. It also gives you a visual of a "first day back to school".

**The flat content doesn't suggest that you'll enjoy these tips or what type of "tips" they'll be. It just lets you know the obvious--that the tips are helpful. 

“The holiday season is a time for celebration, but can also bring struggles for many families. Our job at Helpful Hands Ministries is to make the holiday season joyful for as many kids possible. You can be the reason a child smiles this holiday season when you donate to our Toy Drive fund…” [Persuasive]

"We'll need your help this quarter raising money for less fortunate children. Donate to the Helpful Hands MinistriesToy Drive fund today!...” [Flat]

**The persuasive content tells you the job of the organization and what the reader can do, "put a smile on a child's face" and how they can do it.

**The flat content tells you just what they need and how they need you to do it.

"Welcome! The doors to your “home for fashion” have officially opened. Strut by and shop at Elite Boutique for grand opening specials, trendy clothing selections..."[Persuasive]

"Our doors are officially open! Join Elite boutique this week for our grand opening specials and our great fashion selections!.." [Flat]

**The persuasive content uses a colorful verb that implies a call to action, "strut by" and tells you what their boutique is about, "home for fashion".

**The flat content gives you grand opening details without using colorful verbs or telling you what their boutique is about.


Power words that marketers use:

Amazing | Announcing, Create| Discover | Easy Enjoy | Exclusive | Free | Hurry | Improvement | Interactive | Introducing | Join | Now | Offer |  Quick | Remarkable | Results | Revolutionary | Rush | Sensational | Uncover

Phrases that get your audience's attention:

 “Discover how to…”

 “Hurry for your chance…”

 “Quick and easy ways to…”

 “Introducing our newest…”

 “Join our team as we…”

 “Learn how to (blank) with this interactive web series…”

 “You now have the chance to…”

 “Get quick results...”

 “Remarkable facts about…”

 "We’re announcing our new (blank) today at (blank)…”

 “Create memorable moments at our (blank)…”

“Listen, we’re giving away (blank)! All you have to do is... ”