Discover Your Brand


When I first started out as an entrepreneur, I wanted to jump head first into every project that needed my services. I would probably be happier reaching the client's goals before they even knew what their goals were or the basics of working with a public relations professional. Organically I started to introduce clients and potential clients, to what is known as a discovery call or meeting. Some clients didn't even know what 'discovery' meant but quickly learned why it was important for their brand. 

A discovery meeting or call helps us and the client form a meaningful relationship. Clients have the opportunity to share more about their business, background and their personal goals and objectives. All of this information helps us to work effectively. This is also an opportunity for us to learn more about your industry, target audience and competition. These meetings are meant to be open, honest and create a collaborative environment for both parties to share ideas and insights.  It is all about relationship building. During a discovery meeting, it's important, we lay some groundwork for this new relationship.  We learn: 

  • Client communication styles

  • Goals and objectives the client would like to achieve

  • Designated point of contact 

  • Prior marketing successes and failures we can learn from

In a discovery meeting we also set our clients expectations by implementing some simple to do's to ensure we are all on the same accord. We: 

  • Ensure measurable goals are attainable and achievable based on the engagement 

  • Establish check -ins regularly with updates and ideas for the project 

  • Define our roles and responsibilities

  • Create an outline for tasks and deadlines to be met between us and the client 

With these few steps we are off to a successful discovery in defining the purpose of your brand, business or next big idea.