The Reason Why Your Company Website is Better Than Your Social Media Page

Websites today connect us to the world on a local and international level. Your company website is a tool for engaging potential clients, connecting with contributors, and a tool used to identify talent. Having a website is key because we can not solely rely on social media accounts to spread messages and here is why. With recent social media hacks, especially affecting Facebook users, businesses using it face the risk of potentially being hacked. Facebook business and group pages are automatically connected to one's personal account. Unlike LinkedIn, the businesses pages do not stand alone to engage new clients and audiences.  Nearly two in three U.S. adults with personal social media profiles believe they’ve been hacked, according to a 2016 survey by the Harris Poll. IF social media profiles are being hacked, you can only imagine the toll it takes to get those business pages back. This is one reason why a website is so valuable to anyone's business. 

Creating a separate website reduces the risk of losing your content on a digital platform. There are several tools to get your business online but there are key tools and techniques to getting it set up to reach your business goals.  BBNE provides services with your company in mind. We have the knowledge, time and capabilities to design a site that meets your business where it is and where it has the potential to go. From copywriting, photo selection to project management and custom design we've built a team that is ready to help shape your company's brand.  Social media will continue to be a component of your business (given the right security measures) but let's start with the most valuable form of communicating your brand with a reputable website.