Monthly Nuggets: Founders of Modish Moms


Meet Modish Moms
Courtney & Ciarra

"Being a mom is a job that you can clock in for, but never clock out for. It is important to support these women because we are the future."

Modish Moms is a DC based 501c3 nonprofit organization created for millennial mothers in pursuit of a better lifestyle, career and parenting opportunities. We provide information, support and resources for mothers balancing the many trials and triumphs of motherhood. 

Founders of "Modish Moms" Speak On The Balancing Act of Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

What are some unknown challenges mom's may face when in pursuit of entrepreneurship?

"Mompreneurs" face the challenges of balance, support and staying encouraged. It is important for aspiring mompreneurs to find the balance between motherhood, lifestyle and career. We have to make daily sacrifices that some women entrepreneurs may not have to make, because we have another person depending on us. Being a mom is a job that you can clock in for, but never clock out for. It is important to support these women because we are the future. That's what Modish Moms is all about. Supporting women who are, as Beyonce says, "strong enough to bare the children and get back to business".

What advice do you give to mom's who are building their own empires?

  1. Your business is your baby. Take care of it as such.
  2. Don't be afraid of the word "No." Not everyone is going to understand or support you, but that doesn't mean it can't be done! Keep pressing on!
  3. Connect with other mompreneurs. We are all in this together. There is a seat at the table for all of us.
  4. Seek Mentorship.
  5. Make sure you do all the legal paperwork FIRST: LLC, 501c3, Trademark, etc.
  6. If you need a team or help, don't be afraid to ask. Everyone needs a hand sometimes.
  7. Take care of yourself. You can't pour from an empty glass.

How can mom's balance their business pursuits with their day-to-day motherhood responsibilities?

Balance is difficult but doable. Find kid-friendly business opportunities. We attend all Mommy and Me events, because you never know who you are going to meet. Also, think of some things you like to do with your little ones and host your own events. For example, have a mommy movie night where you connect with other aspiring mompreneurs while the children enjoy a movie. Host events or meetings that are kid appropriate yet motivating for mompreneurs. You can also find balance by working when the kids are resting. Nap-time is an ideal time for moms to get work done. Mothers are selfless and are always working, whether its parenting or providing. Find time to say "thank you" to yourself for being the best mom while remaining true to yourself and reaching your goals. 

What business and support resources are available to "mompreneurs"?

Well, Modish Moms is definitely a resource! We love supporting and connecting with moms. We felt like there was no support for the millennial moms that want to get out there and change the world. To us, in this society, Modish Moms was necessary. Our goal is to create a community of mothers that support and empower one another in all walks of life. We will reach mother's and their supporters through community outreach and events. We want to inspire and empower young modern moms to explore life as a mother, all while achieving personal goals. We strive to provide unity and appreciation to all moms while recognizing their need for support. We plan to collaborate with other modish moms to create a conglomerate of mothers who vow to be the best mom they can be while remaining true to themselves. We also suggest connecting with organizations such as:

  • BlackGirlsDo: Celebrating black women through action and activities that foster sisterhood
  • M.A.R.C.H.H (Making Awareness Reach Challenging Hearts and Homes): Special needs resources for children and families
  • BlackGirlVision: Crowdfunding meets pitch competition for women of color entrepreneurs
  • EyeCStyleBrand: Connecting entrepreneurs in the DMV  through events and community involvement
  • District Motherhued: Organization for millennial moms of color
  • The Beacon DCAn initiative to make DC the #1 city for women entrepreneurs