Black Businesses In The Media: Angels and Tomboys


This month we not only celebrate our history, but we also celebrate success stories of black owned businesses that made it in media this past year.  After making their debut as one of the youngest Black-owned businesses to win over viewers and investors on  ABC  'Shark Tank', we spoke with Madison, 12  and  Mallory, 11  about their kid brand 'Angels and Tomboys.'  Angels and Tomboys is a kid friendly perfume and body products brand designed just for the next kidprenuer. 

What made you girls start this brand Angels and Tomboys? 

We started Angels and Tomboys because there was nothing else on the market for kids our age. We saw brands like Victoria Secret, but they of course were for an older audience and parents we knew weren't comfortable letting their children shop there. So we created Angels and Tomboys for girls our age to enjoy it.

What do your friends at school think about your business? 

Our friends love our idea. They say "OMG, we see you on Shark Tank!" which is a great thing because it encourages them to one-day create their brand. It's really exciting We take products to school to sell it to our friends and they love it. 

You were featured on ABC's Shark Tank in 2016. How has being on the show enhanced your business?  

e really appreciated the business since we have made it this far and because we have a lot of orders from customers.  Being on the show has really enhanced our brand and being recognized. Thats the Shark Tank effect of course. 

How important is it to you to support black-owned businesses? 

Very important, because it should inspire people to do it and starting your own business. It's also important for people to get out of their own shell to make things happen.

What advice can you give for African-American business owners just getting started? 

Go for it! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something or can't make it. You'll never know how your services or products will contribute to the world. 

How has your schedule changed since starting Angels and Tomboys? 

Our schedule has changed a lot. We have school and extra-curricular activities but we find a way to manage it. Our mom is very supportive and makes sure it doesn't get in the way of school. 

As 'kidprenuers' Mallory and Madison also find to time to enjoy hanging out with friends, run track and play basketball while building their business. There products consist of lotions, scents and body sprays for young girls.  

Angels and Tomboys is based out of Memphis Tennessee. For more information about the business visit