Non-Profits: Gear Up for Your Donor Campaigns this Season


Yes, the seasons are changing fast and summer is officially (not quite) over. As some pastors would say during offering, “It’s time to give.” During this time, 35% of giving takes place between Thanksgiving and New Years. For charities and organizations, the holidays present a perfect time to put together strategic, timely and creative campaigns to enhance their presence and maximize year-end donation goals. 

In creating a donor results - driven campaign, there are three key elements to consider: 


The campaign strategy should always consist of a strong message, financial goal, appealing look, and consistent branding. With messaging, donors want to be able to connect both mentally and emotionally with the cause. Creating a hands-on project may also encourage donors not only to give financially but also volunteer their time.  By including popular trends in the strategic planning, organizations can garner attention from potential donors that directly resonate with trending topics and how its impact affects the people in which they are serving.  

Messaging Channels

Today, you can use so many channels to implement a creative campaign and each channel serves a different purpose. Although social media has a greater impact today, direct mailing still offers a personal touch when reaching out to donors and lays the groundwork for the campaign. Email is also making a major impact in inboxes everywhere. Consider sharing a report on the organizations' impact in the community, including a creative infographic or share a story from someone who has benefitted from your programs and services. Your websites’ homepage donation, and thank you page needs to be easy yet memorable for viewers. With social media, organizations can build buzz by running Facebook ads targeted at existing followers. Running ads may not be in the marketing budget just yet, but the use of social media provides an opportunity to be creative with your messaging through the use videos and a consistent posting schedule.  


In order for your campaign to be strategically executed, develop a working calendar and set concrete deadlines. If you're an avid social media user organization, you are probably paying close attention to how other organizations are disseminating messages on a specific day and time. A working calendar helps.  The calendar identifies when messaging and tactical processes should be implemented and helps with the development of content centered around current holidays and events.  

We hope these tips and tricks help you redefine your donor relations programs and meet your financial goals.