3 Ways To Be A Better Mentor In 2017


We’re already having separation anxiety and know that we’ll miss the Obama’s greatly and because we’re grieving we want to keep the Obama legacy alive by acknowledging initiatives set forth by our 44th President, Barack Obama—starting with National Mentoring Month

On December 28th, 2016 President Barack Obama proclaimed January 2017 as National Mentoring Month. This national recognition of mentorship was created to honor the parents, families, teachers, coaches, and mentors who selflessly give their time and wisdom to others. 

Like many, President Obama believes that no one gets anywhere all on their own—collaboration is key. We believe in the very same thing here at BBNE. If mentorship is increased across the nation we can close some of the gaps that are created to diminish opportunities.  

“This month, we reflect on the transformative role mentorship can play and acknowledge the many ways that mentors have helped our next generation of leaders and innovators grow. As a Nation, we are stronger when every individual has the opportunity to contribute to our American story. By working to give each person a better chance at success, we can unlock their potential and empower them to serve others in the same way.”

            -President Barack Obama, 2016

Be a resource: Share opportunities that would fit your mentees interests and let them know you see their potential and would like them to exercise it. 

*BBNE has launched a job network for internships, part-time and full time opportunities. Be sure to check here throughout 2017 for opportunities or to submit opportunities. 

Set up coffee dates: Plan a few coffee dates a year to see what's going on with your mentee. Learn about their progress with career goals and share your career journey too. Your mentee wants to learn from you.

*Click here to find black owned coffee shops in D.C . for your next coffee date.

Exchange information: You must be a good listener to be an effective mentor. Don’t assume you'll always be the teacher. Learn from your mentee especially if they're younger than you. They could keep you up to date on new technology trends and media platforms.