The 50 Billion Empowerment Tour DC

Last week, the $50 Billion Empowerment Tour, spearheaded by author and activist Maggie Anderson and Eugene Mitchell, African American Market Manager at New York Life brought powerful words to the Howard University campus to help encourage wealth building within the black community.  The $50 Billion Empowerment Plan also known as the African American Community Plan is devoted to change the financial future of African Americans.  Maggie Anderson author of "Our Black Year" opened up about her experience during her 365-day endeavor, where she spent her money and time to shop only at black-owned businesses for a whole year. Although her experience posed many obstacles, she felt empowered to give back to her community.

"If we increase our spending from 3% to 10% we create $1 billion in job opportunities within our community," Anderson said.

The spending habits amongst the African American community also became a hot topic among the speakers. Eugene Mitchell touched on the importance of saving money for a 'rainy day' and becoming financially invested to building a better future for our families.

"If we move collectively, we can rescue our community, " Mitchell proclaimed. 

As of today, over $25 billion of protection and future income raised, empowering 100,000 African American families and more. 

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